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* Do you know what the Domain Name Resolution is?

Suggested article: What is Domain Name Resolution?

Domain Name Resolution is a process that is activated when a user wants to visit a particular website. For that purpose, it is required to know the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the domain. However, it is difficult for humans to memorize long, difficult numbers, but on the other hand, the domain names are much easier to remember.

The Domain Name Resolution process includes a DNS resolver, which serves to search for the needed information. It will send multiple queries to find the required data.

  • The first answer will come from the root server.
  • The second answer is provided by the TLD (top-level domain) server.
  • The next step is the authoritative servers who know the exact IP address of the domain name.

As a result, the domain name will be resolved.

If you are interested in finding more information, we recommend you read detailed information about Domain Name Resolution!